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1 Do Otters Make Good Pets & Where Is It Legal to Own One
While they're widely illegal in the U.S., you may be able to own and care for an otter in some states with the proper permitting. Specifically, ...
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2 Can You Have an Otter as a Pet? - Is it Illegal or Even Practical?
It depends on the state, but yes, it is likely illegal. Even if it weren't, keeping wild animals as pets is not a good idea. 0
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3 A Guide to Legally Owning and Caring for a Pet Otter
Answer: You purchase otters from a breeder or broker. They are not commonly available, and you would likely need to get on a waiting list. They ...
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4 Pet Otter Legal States 2022 - World Population Review
In all states where otters are legal to be kept as pets, the only species that can be owned is the Asian-clawed otter. Because Asian otters are not marine ...
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5 States Where Pet Otters Are Legal - Exotic Animals For Sale
Can You Own a Pet Otter? ... The unfortunate reality is that there is only one species of otter that can possibly be owned—the Asian clawed otter—and even finding ...
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6 Is it legal to own a pet otter? - Quora
First of all it is illegal in the US to own a native North American otter as a pet. The only legal pets are Asian Clawed Otters and African Clawed Otters. The ...
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7 Can You Have an Otter as a Pet? - Bestie Paws
In most other states, it is illegal to own an otter as a pet and you cannot apply for a permit. Only rehabilitation centers or private animal ...
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8 Wild otters are the latest exotic pet trend - National Geographic
The Asian small-clawed otter has become a popular pet in Southeast Asia. People in Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, and elsewhere can pay thousands ...
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9 Do Otters Make Good Pets? What You Need To Know!
Otters are not meant to be kept as pets. These wild animals can suffer stress and anxiety, as well as a range of health conditions, as a result ...
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10 Can You Have an Otter as a Pet? The Legal Answer
Otters are one such cute wild creature that can only be legally owned in a few places, and this should serve as a deterrent for you to not ...
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11 Exotic Animal Laws by U.S. State Mapped
The Asian clawed otter is the only species of otter that allowed owning in the United States because this species is federally illegal due to ...
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12 Otter legal in california - Google Search - 91710, Chino, CA
From a legal standpoint, owning an otter can be trickier than a skunk, but it is possible. They love water so it is best if you have a body of water nearby for ...
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13 11 reasons why you should NOT have an otter as a pet.
In the majority of the US, it is completely illegal to keep an otter as a pet. All pets have at least some bans on exotic pets, even if they ...
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14 These Otters Are Popular Pets in Asia. That May Be Their ...
Otters are smelly, loud and extremely active; they have sharp teeth and jaws strong enough to crack open shellfish. But in Japan, where more ...
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15 OTTERS as PETS Why It's a BAD IDEA - YouTube
Dec 29, 2019
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16 Do OTTERS make good PETS? - YouTube
Dāv Kaufman's Strange Adventures
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17 New Study: Baby Otters Trendy Exotic Pets Facebook ... - People
As a recent National Geographic article notes, many pet otters are kept on leashes, fed poor diets full of human foods, and even treated like ...
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18 WHY OTTERS AREN'T PETS - De website van piptheotter!
Animals that live in captivity, most of the time only get their 'meat food' already dead. Otters do have lots of energy, and need their hunt moments to make ...
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19 Can you have an Otter as a Pet? - Petaddon
Otters are some of the rarest domesticated pets in the world. Because of numerous factors, several states, especially in the USA, are restricted from ...
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20 6 Really Weird Pets That You Could Actually Own
From a legal standpoint, owning an otter can be trickier than a skunk, but it is possible. They love water so it is best if you have a body of ...
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21 Can you own an otter in Ohio? - Animal-human relationship
Yes, a citizen of Ohio can legally own an otter. This is because this wild species is not listed as a 'dangerous wild animal' under Section ...
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22 Is it Legal to Own an Otter in Nevada? - H&P Law
Possession of an otter is restricted under state law, but ownership of an otter is not impossible in Nevada. The state regulates the possession ...
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23 Can You Have An Otter As A Pet? - Kidadl
Owning a pet otter is considered illegal in several countries including the US, Japan, and the UK. However, some US states may allow you to own exotic pet ...
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24 Can you own an otter in Idaho? if so, what permits would you ...
The short answer is no. Otters are classified as furbearers and are protected willdlife that can be trapped in limited numbers, but may not be ...
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25 Do Otters Make Good Pets? | Critters Aplenty
In the United States, it's illegal to own an otter as a pet except in the following states. The species of otter should also be considered when looking at the ...
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26 Why you shouldn't share that cute pet otter video
Not only is a home environment not suitable for the welfare of otters, but this relationship can also have some undesirable consequences for ...
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27 Thinking of Buying a Pet? These 5 Popular Animals Could ...
Despite intensive lobbying to legalize ferrets in California, however, you cannot legally keep a ferret in California without a permit. Although ...
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28 Can I Have a Pet Otter? Is it legal to own a otter as a pet?
It is illegal in all US States to keep this indigenous otter as a pets. Exotic animals have many guidelines regarding their maintenance in captivity, but ...
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29 Is it illegal to own a otter as a pet? (more specific in Sweden)
So unless you could maybe adopt an injured native otter, no, you probably can't own an otter in Sweden. But I haven't actually found a specific law that ...
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30 Wildlife as pets -
The only animals you can take out of the wild in Massachusetts are certain reptiles and ... You can have 2 of each of the following animals:.
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31 Laws on Exotic Animals for Each State - The Spruce Pets
Interestingly enough though, you can own up to six captive-bred bobcats, coyotes, gray foxes, red foxes, opossums, rabbits, raccoons, or ...
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32 Otterly Impressive FAQs For Aspiring Pet Otter Owners
Can Otters Become Pets? ... Out of the 13 otter species, only Asian small-clawed otters are legal to make pets in some parts of the world. These species have ...
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33 Everything You Need to Know About Owning a Pet Otter
In the wild, freshwater otters live in family groups of up to 15 individuals. Otters do not live their complete, natural lives when they are ...
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34 Otter | San Diego Zoo Animals & Plants
Otters can stay submerged for five to eight minutes, depending on the ... Have you ever noticed that when otters come out of the water, their outer fur ...
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35 Baby Otter Rescued by Pet Dog In Minnesota Will Make You ...
Don't bring your jaguar to Arizona -- the species is banned in the state, though Arizona does allow residents to own certain wild animals as ...
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36 Don't Domesticate - Colorado Parks & Wildlife
These are species that are legal to own, import, or sell. You do not need a license from the Division of Wildlife to have one of these species. You must, ...
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37 River Otter Trapping -
NOTE: Do not purchase a permit before you harvest an otter. Otter Tagging Requirement - An ... If you have additional inquiries, please send us an email.
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38 River Otter - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation
Otter do maintain home ranges, but little in the way of documented territorial disputes exists, as family groups have been noted to avoid one another.
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39 Pets That Are Legal To Have In Alaska, Alaska Department of ...
For your convenience, we have listed the approved animals by category in the links below. If a particular mammal, bird, or reptile species does not appear ...
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40 Exotic Animal Laws by State - FindLaw
You can own a variety of exotic animals in Alaska, including: ... are allowed as pets, including lesser and giant pandas and river otters.
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41 Exotic Animals - Delaware Department of Agriculture
Exotic pets can be unique and wonderful additions to your household. ... If you want to own an exotic animal, you should review the information below to ...
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42 River Otter - Aquatic Mammals - FWC
If you have a fish pond an otter may find it. The best way to prevent otters from raiding your fish pond is to exclude them from the pond with fencing or a ...
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43 River Otter - DNR: Fish & Wildlife -
River otter reports have been documented in most counties in Indiana and river ... If you would like a permit to remove a river otter causing a conflict, ...
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44 River otter | Minnesota DNR
Shortly after adult females have a litter of one to five young, they are bred and become "pregnant" for nearly a full year. The embryos do not begin ...
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45 River Otters - WDFW
Should you choose to remove the animals, a wildlife control company can be hired (call your local Fish and Wildlife office for a current list of contacts), or ...
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46 Is It Legal to Own an Otter in Maine - Kitaab Alyom
If you want to have a capuchin monkey as a pet, a special permit is required. You do not need a permit for sugar gliders or ferrets.
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47 Otter licences - GOV.UK
Contents · Licences to possess, sell or capture otters · Licences to survey or research otters · Otter mitigation licences.
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48 Wildlife Pets - Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
If you wish to possess more than 6 then you must obtain a Wildlife ... This does not apply if the animal is listed on the Unrestricted Captive Wildlife ...
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49 Tokyo family's river otter pets making waves as international ...
"They say you are a fool for buying another otter after the first one ... "We wanted to give him a name so that he would have a long life ...
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50 12 Facts About Otters for Sea Otter Awareness Week
7. Sea otters can have a pup any time of the year. Southern sea otters breed and pup year-round, while northern sea otter pups in Alaska are ...
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51 15 exotic pets you can own in New Jersey
Otters. Yes, you can own one, but you must show you have an adequate enclosure to keep them which can be tough to prove to the ...
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52 Surprising Exotic Animals Pets Legally Own New Jersey
You can legally own an otter in the state of New Jersey but you would need a permit and approval on their living conditions because they ...
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53 Pet Laws in Louisiana: Wild or Exotic Animals
Most municipalities have ordinances which prohibit the ownership of wild or exotic animals as pets. Be sure to check your local municipal ...
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54 Sea otter | Animals | Monterey Bay Aquarium
Southern sea otters can be found along California's central coast, from San Mateo ... However, only one species of otter is fully aquatic — Enhydra lutris.
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55 Unusual, But Legal, Pets Your Tenant May Own in a Rental ...
Whether or not your rental allows pets could significantly affect your qualified tenant pool in today's rental industry. As a landlord, ...
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56 Cartel the otter - A quick explanation of why we raised Cartel ...
I don't recommend having otters as pet even though some of it's species are legal in some states. They're stinkingly cute and can be very domesticated, but from ...
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57 Pets That Are Illegal to Own in Nevada | Adam S. Kutner ...
While owning a unique animal can seem like a tempting idea for some people, there are many things to consider before spending your money on an exotic pet.
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58 Popularity of pet otters on YouTube: evidence of an emerging ...
2011 ) but complex habitat and dietary requirements of otters, combined with the potential to cause harm to people (by biting), mean that otters ...
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59 River Otter - Nebraska Game and Parks
Their faces have prominent, whitish whiskers. They are excellent swimmers and can dive up to 55 feet underwater. With fur on their webbed, padded feet you may ...
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60 Otters: licences for possession | NatureScot
NatureScot can issue licences to let you possess otter specimens legally for scientific, research or educational purposes. Change section ...
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61 Pet Otter Cost - In 2022 - The Pricer
In the United States, from what we investigated, it should be legal to own an otter in Nevada, Florida, Mississippi, South Dakota, Indiana, Ohio ...
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62 Southern Sea Otter - Aquarium of the Pacific
Specializing on one type of prey makes an otter a more efficient predator. Sea otters learn to hunt from their mothers, so different individuals will have ...
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63 River Otter - NC Wildlife
Sighting one can be an exciting occasion for boaters, fishermen and other outdoor ... The otter's feet have five toes with nonretractable claws and webbing ...
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64 Can you have a pet otter in Canada? - New Canadian Life
Otters are beautiful animals that are found all over the world. There are two species that live in Canada—the river otter and the sea otter. They are both ...
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65 10 facts you might not know about the adorable otter - Medium
Otters have been highly successful in making their habitats in oceans, lakes, rivers and wetlands around the world. They can be found from North to South ...
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66 Cruel pet otter craze fuelled by Japanese otter cafes and ...
Otters are #NotPets ... An otter will never be happy in captivity. They are born swimmers who will travel long distances in their native waterways ...
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67 Japan's Pet Otter Obsession | Wildlife - Al Jazeera
How are wild otters from Southeast Asia ending up in Japanese pet cafes? ... Can Japan's new prime minister tackle income inequality?
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68 These pets are banned in Pennsylvania -
From cats to ferrets, dogs to hamsters, even pot-bellied pigs: there are a number of animals you can have as pets in Pennsylvania.
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69 Caring for Asian small-clawed, Cape clawless, Nearctic, and ...
We would like to thank the many wildlife professionals who participated in the ... Since otters always should have water features available to them, ...
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70 How Can We Help Otters? | River Otter Ecology Project
Otters are surprisingly resilient animals, especially considering their dependence upon healthy watersheds and healthy fish stocks to survive and thrive.
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71 Otter: Regulations | Missouri Department of Conservation
Hunter Ethics · If you hunt on private land, be sure to obtain permission from the landowner and respect his or her property as if it were your own. · If you do ...
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72 List Of Exotic Pets Legal To Own In Texas
These animals actually do quite well in captivity. In zoos, they are reported to be one of the easiest mammals to handle, they socialize well, ...
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73 Sea Otter Natural History |
The sea otter is one of the smallest marine mammals, but one of the largest members of ... such as seals and sea lions, sea otters do not have any blubber, ...
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74 All About Otters - Birth & Care of Young - at
All clawless and river otters have a gestation period of about two months. ... About 2% of all otter births are multiple, but only one pup can be ...
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75 Can You Have a Pet Bat? What About a Pet Otter?
After all, why pose with a plain old dog on Instagram when you can cuddle up to a venomous arachnid or a wild otter? Owning an exotic pet ...
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76 Montana Exotic Animal Laws
... were in state for a year and the females have had one calf. ... through 87-5-716 (introduction and transplant), and 87-5-721 (penalty) do NOT apply to:.
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77 State Laws: Private Possession of Exotic Animals
Summary of Law: All persons must obtain a permit before they can possess a ... If you possessed an inherently dangerous exotic animal prior to July 2005 you ...
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78 Keeping exotic animals as pets in Queensland
If you are moving to Queensland and own a prohibited pet, you can surrender it to Biosecurity Queensland or local government. For example; ...
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79 River Otter -
While moving from one water course to another, it may have to make several overland passages. While not built for land travel, the otter does move along ...
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80 Transportation and Holding of Live Exotic Wildlife
If after six weeks you still have not received your permit, ... legally obtain a non-prohibited exotic species within Kentucky then you will never need a ...
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81 River Otter Wildlife Note - PA Game Commission
Few people are lucky enough to see otters in the wild, but those who do, ... Like other members of the weasel family, otters have anal musk glands that ...
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82 Featured Animals - North American River Otter - CMZoo
Discover “everything otter” around the Zoo below; from news to adoptions, births, conservation programs, your own encounter options, animal experiences, shows, ...
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83 Are Otters Friendly? (Or Dangerous?) | - Wild Explained
In short, you can befriend otters, but their needs differ a lot from regular pets like cats or dogs. In the end, otters are wild animals, and they are not meant ...
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84 Wisconsin exotic animal laws: 4 things to know about keeping ...
If you're looking to own an exotic animal as a pet, for example, you would need to get the captive wild animal farm license.
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85 Europe - The International Otter Survival Fund
Fishermen in other parts of Austria have also called for “otter ... You will find more information on IOSF projects here or contact
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86 Otter Experiences Hands on, fun Interactive and Educational!
North Georgia Wildlife Park · Otter Experiences · **We want you to fully enjoy your experience so you will not be allowed to take your own photos. · Before you ...
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87 North American River Otter | The Maryland Zoo
They belly slide in ice and snow, plummet down riverbanks, and dive and roll in the water. They are tons of fun to watch, but otters do not make good pets. They ...
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88 Aquarium of the Pacific has new baby sea otter - Press Telegram
Aquarium of the Pacific has new baby sea otter — and you have the chance to ... pup and can now be seen in the Aquarium's Sea Otter Habitat.
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89 River Otter | Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Habitat & Behavior. Otters live in aquatic habitats--rivers, lakes, and marshes. Otters can live in both marine and freshwater environments. They prefer ...
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90 River Otter | Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department
River otters can be seen at any time of day but are considered to be nocturnal, or most active at ... and females typically have one litter every year.
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91 Adopt-an-Otter - San Francisco Zoo & Gardens
Like other members of the weasel family, otters have a long, flexible body ... Your Adopt-an-Animal donation will be used to support these agile animals and ...
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92 Wildlife as pets |
Have the animal's proper scientific name (its genus and species) when you contact the officer. ... Do I need a permit to own a hybrid of a wolf and a dog.
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93 Adopt a Sea Otter | Symbolic Adoptions from WWF
Donate to WWF's global conservation efforts and we'll email a personalized certificate to your designated recipient. This option does not include an adoption ...
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94 Laws Related to Native Wildlife
Although extensive, this list does not include all native wildlife that is ... Raccoon; Red Fox; River Otter; Skunk; Swamp Rabbit; Weasel; White-tailed Deer ...
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95 How to Get Rid of Otters in a Pond - Wildlife Animal Control
You can even install surface fencing in water to protect fish. ... If you have an otter problem, here are a few suggestions on how to get rid of them.
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96 River Otters Are on the Rise in Texas
If you are lucky enough to spot a river otter, odds are it's a ... Flash flooding could have whisked the otters away from their less densely ...
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97 9 Animals That Are, Surprisingly, Legal To Own in Michigan
THEIR LITTLE HANDS I CANNOT. Now that I got that out of the way, yes, it is legal to own otters in Michigan. You must have a permit and I ...
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